Al – Osool Medical Company is recruiting and retaining the best employees with passion to develop innovative marketing / sales concepts and strategies. Each of them has a sound scientific background in their respective field.
Our line of business consists of Divisions depending on the product range. Each division is headed by a Division Manager and has its own dedicated and expert Sales Representative.


Key Clients

AL Osool Medical Company in the path of success, management driving force and energetic sales staff has satisfied all their customers and suppliers with whom they deal. We are characteristic with our excellent relationship with wide varieties of customers, including:

  • Institutional Hospitals
  • Governmental Hospitals
  • Private Hospitals
  • Military Hospitals
  • Private Clinics
  • Chain Pharmacies
  • Beauty Centers
  • Laboratories


Our MAIN WAREHOUSE equipped by well-organized latest technological specifications. through our unique distribution network, we are able to reach any possible customers in the major cities as well as the remote areas.

Our operation consists of the Head Office in Riyadh with two (2) remote branches and sales offices are as follows:

  • Riyadh Branch covers the Central Provinces.
  • Jeddah Branch covers all the Western & Southern Provinces.
  • Dammam Branch (Coming Soon) will cover the Eastern Provinces.
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